The PIFFF programming team travels to the biggest international film festivals and attends more than 300 fscreenings each year to compose their selection.
Most of the films at the PIFFF are shown for the first time in France (and sometimes in Europe or even the world) and often find a distributor after their visit to the festival.
Indeed, Paris is a decisive European cultural capital and many sellers and distributors are present to discover a selection which has met with audience approval, both from the public and the pros, ever since the first edition.


Official partner of the Paris International Fantastic Film Festival, the Ciné+ channel (Canal+ group) will award the Ciné+ Frisson Special Prize to one feature film (in competition) and one short film (French) of its choice. The "feature film" winner will furthermore obtain a promotion campaign on the antennas of Cine+ (25 broadcasts) on the occasion of its release in cinemas. The "short film" winner will be purchased for broadcast on its antennas. Myriam Hacène (Director of the channel Ciné+ Frisson) and Christophe Commeres (Deputy Director of Ciné + Frisson) are the two official members of this jury.


Since 2016, the PIFFF has been hosting the Grand Prix Climax competition. It’s purpose is to showcase the best French-language scripts and to offer a pool of quality stories for producers and directors.

During the 7th edition of the PIFFF, the Climax Grand Prix was held on Friday, December 8, from 11am to 1pm (free admission). After a very competitive competition and the meeting of our selection committee with 17 original universes, five scenarios were chosen for the 2017 Climax Grand Prix:

  • Avé Maria by Romain Serir
  • Bestia by Hadrien Fiere
  • La Petite gibbeuse by Stéphanie Tallon
  • Tant que les oiseaux ne chantent pas by Guillaume Levil
  • Ogre by Arnaud Malherbe.

The authors had to "pitch" their scenario in front of a jury composed of writers, directors and producers: Carlo Boutiny, Alexandre Bustillo, François Cognard, Guillaume Lemans, Julien Maury, Benjamin Rocher and Raphael Rocher.
Once the rewards were distributed, the jury participated in a masterclass: "The successes of genre cinema in France".


OIn addition to the fact that all of the festival's films are subtitled in French (although 80% of the films have no local distribution), one of the PIFFF's choices ever since its creation has been to offer accessibility for a cosmopolitan public living in Paris.
In 2017, out of 25 films screened at the festival, 22 were accessible to a non-French-speaking audience (original language in English, or films subtitled in English).

Besides, all signage at the festival venue is in both French and English, and the festival website is also in both languages.


In 2011 the festival lasted 5 days, in 2012 10 days and after that it has been 7 days.