PIFFF 2018 - The Retro-Cult Screening

Posted on 26/10/18

Before we unveil the complete programme of the eighth edition of the PIFFF, we are pleased to announce our Cult film selection, screened in Paris' most beautiful cinema, the Max Linder Panorama.

Maniac by William Lustig (USA, 1980)

Frank Zito has quite a few unsolved issues with his abusive and dead mother. Because of this, he walks around the streets of New York and kill young girls, in a horrible manner. His collection of scalps gets bigger and bigger, until he meets Anna, a photographer. Their relationship might bring him salvation, though that is frankly not a certainty.

In partnership with French publisher Le Chat Qui Fume, the screening of the restored 4K copy of Maniac taken from the original 16mm film (so far all copies were taken from the 35mm). Be prepared.

Next of Kin by Tony Williams (Australia, 1982)

Linda's mother has passed away, leaving her a somewhat Victorian-style retirement home. The heiress arrives on the spot, finds her mother's diary, notices these lines: "There is something evil in this house, something that lives there and breathes the same air as us". Indeed, people start dying mysteriously.

For the first time in France in a recently restored version, Next of Kin, an Australian masterpiece finally presented in the best possible conditions.

Ravenous by Antonia Bird (USA, 1999)

Following an act of bravery accomplished paradoxically because of his cowardice, Captain John Boyd is stationed at Fort Spencer, an isolated place where the rejects of the U.S. Army are sent . The camp's routine is disturbed by the arrival of Colquhoun, a Scottish colonist in search of refuge against the freezing cold. The distraught visitor begins to tell how he survived the winter ...

Long ignored, Ravenous is a classic of contemporary cinema. Screened in a magnificent 35mm vintage copy in Original Version with French Subtitles. Rare opportunity to (re)discover late Antonia Bird' masterpiece on the movie screen.

Halloween III : Season of the Witch by Tommy Lee Wallace (USA, 1982)

"One more day to Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, one more day to Halloween, SIL-VER-SHAM-ROCK". The advertising is on all channels, all over the United States. It hypnotizes children and gets on the nerves of the adults. Dr. Daniel Challis is one of the few to understand in this devilish ritornello a sinister countdown which may transform the night before All Saints' day into a ritual carnage.

The most singular, poetic and radical episode of the franchise. Recent versions cannot duplicate the power of John Carpenter's original creations and the audacity of this third unforgettable movie.

The Incredible Shrinking Man by Jack Arnold (USA, 1957)

Exposed to radiation, Scott Carey experiences a worrying phenomenon, to say the least: he is shrinking. First his clothes are too big, then he struggles to climb onto a chair, thenhe gets so small that his cat becomes a threat.

A great classic of fantastic cinema available on a big movie screen for small size people.