PIFFF 2018 - First wave of films

Posted on 27/09/18

From December 4th to 9th, the PIFFF comes back for its 8th edition.

The Festival PASS allows you to attend all the screenings of the 8th PARIS INTERNATIONAL FANTASTIC FILM FESTIVAL.

The PASS includes:

  • Guarantee of access to all screenings of the festival, even if fully booked.
  • Privileged access by the “PASS line” for all screenings, including the opening and closing nights.

The Premium PASS (only 26 available) includes:

  • Reserved access to the first row of the mezzanine. No need to arrive 1 hour in advance, the best seats of the Max Linder Panorama will always be accessible.
  • The PIFFF 2018 tote bag, which is printed in limited edition.


Before we give you the complete programme, here are already some of the movies you will discover on the screen of the Max Linder Panorama cinema:

Assassination Nation - Sam Levinson. (USA, 2018)

Lily and her high-school friends live in a world of text messages, selfies, chats and other "posts" on social networks, like everywhere else. When a hacker starts publishing personal details and compromising informations about the inhabitants of their small town, the situation shifts into sheer madness. Will Lily and her comrades survive this infernal night?

The witch hunt of the 2000s is open. A trashy comedy trash, electric mix between The Rules of Attraction and The Purge. A shock !

One Cut of the Dead (Kamera o tomeru na!) - Shinichirô Ueda. (Japan, 2018)

The filming of a horrific DTV is in full swing in an abandoned factory. Bored technicians, unconcerned actors... only the director seems invested with the necessary energy to give life to yet another budget zombie film. During the preparation of a particularly unpleasant scene, the shooting is disturbed by authentic zombies…

The new phenomenon of J-horror and perhaps the most innovative zombie comedy seen since Shaun of the Dead.

Girls With Balls - Olivier Afonso. (France, 2018)

A female volleyball team is targeted by beta males, contemporary followers of Count Zaroff. Too confident and sure they know the forest around them, the male hunters do not suspect for one second that the balance of power can be reversed to the advantage of the girls and their team spirit...

A generous old slasher fueled by old school and girl power, made lively by... a surprising cast!

What Keeps You Alive - Colin Minihan. (Canada, 2018)

For their one-year wedding anniversary, Jackie takes Jules to the remote countryside where her father used to take her hunting when she was a child. No one around, except for the luxurious home of her childhood friend on the other side of the lake. Everything seems set for a perfect romantic weekend… and a dive into horror.

A strong feminist survival movie, guaranteed 100% high voltage and extremely graphic.

Await Further Instructions - Johnny Kevorkian. (UK, 2018)

It’s a normal Christmas dinner at the Milgram’s, the atmosphere is tense. Strange metal noises come from outside the house. The family members realise they are stuck inside, doors and windows blocked by a mysterious dark matter. On the television screen, a cryptic message: "Await further instructions."

A paranoid huis-clos full of Cronenberg-ish body horror. As our American friends would say: a mind-blowing movie.

Lords of Chaos de Jonas Akerlund. (UK / Sweden, 2018)

In the calm Norway of the 1990's, Euronymous founds the Mayhem band and becomes the epicenter of the new Norwegian black metal scene. His meeting with Varg Vikernes, the man behind the musical project Burzum, leads his entourage into crime.

The adaptation of the sulfur book The Lords of Chaos. Metal, murders, Scandinavia!

Terrified (Aterrados) - Demián Rugna. (Argentina, 2018)

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Allbreck, Jano and Rosentock, the Buenos Aires ghost hunters, have to find out, among other things, why a toddler recently deceased in an accident returns home to decompose on the breakfast table. A traumatic prelude to a series of events from beyond the grave ...

A pure domestic terror movie, full of horrifying traumatic visions. Sweet dreams!

Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich - Sonny Laguna & Tommy Wiklund. (UK / USA, 2018)

Edgar the cartoonist lacks inspiration. He decides to go with his girlfriend and his useless colleague to a convention commemorating the 30 years since the murders committed by André Toulon's nazi dolls. At night, the dolls come to life and engage in yet another graphic massacre.

A new creation of Charles Band's cult franchise. Naughty, funny and gore, perfect for a saturday night!

The Blood of Wolves (Korô no chi) - Kazuya Shiraishi. (Japan, 2018)

For his first time in battle, police agent Hoika is paired with Ogami, a veteran with a rather vague code of honor, suspected, amongst other things, of being in collusion with a yakuza clan. The two partners begin their collaboration by investigating the disappearance of an accountant, in the midst of a gang war in Hiroshima.

A yakuza film in the continuity of masterpieces Kinji Fukasaku, with the brilliant Kouji Yakush.

Punk Samurai Slash Down (Panku-zamurai, kirarete sôrô) - Gakuryû Ishii. (Japan, 2018)

Rōnin Kake Junoshin unfortunately kills a hobo who was unlucky enough to be on his way. To justify his action to the local authorities, he invokes the threat of a sect that everyone believed gone. His lie will take on uncontrollable proportions …

A rock'n'roll sword movie, epic and quirky beyond belief. The revolutionised chambara? Yes !