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PIFFF 2016: The short films selection and the jury.

Posted on 07/11/16

The festival coming soon, so continue to gradually unveil its composition and let us focus today on the highly anticipated competitions of French and international short films.

But before revealing the titles, discover the jury that will take this year to decide who will be the winner of the French competition of short films:

  • Stephane Debac (actor)
  • Michel Koch (art director - concept artist)
  • Xavier Jamaux (musician)
  • Tom Kan (graphic designer, art director)
  • Olivier Afonso (special effects specialist, makeup artist, director, screenwriter)

8 French films selected by R-One Chaffiot:


Ted is a lazybones who makes a living from testing medicine. A revolutionnary pill will lead him to reveal himself life never before.

HERE WE ARE by Fabien Dubois and Aladdin Serraoui de Lanzac - World premiere

Gravity could be altered at a very specific electromagnetic frequency... Two students of science travel to Iceland to test a theory about magnetism on a large scale.

LE PLAN by Pierre Teulières

In an isolated mansion, a creature receives orders to perform a sinister purpose. Meanwhile, a desperate father is in search for his missing daughter.

LUMPEN by Thibaut Piotrowski

For a long time I lived in terror. But then I understood. I know who they are and I know where they come from.

MARÉE BASSE by Adrien Jeannot

Every morning Francis goes hunting after the terrible creatures invading the beaches of his country, until one day he is fired.

MARGAUX by Joséphine Hopkins, Rémy Barbe and Joseph Bouquin - World premiere

Margaux, a 15 year old young girl, finds out about her attractiveness and the early stages of sexuality, all in the same time as she tries to escape from a monstruous creature stalking her daily and seemingly getting closer and closer.

POPSY by Julien Homsy - World premiere

In this adaptation of a short story by Stephen King, Weber's addiction to poker leads him into serious trouble. Compelled to pay off his debts to M.Rudy, he reaches a point of no return.

VARDØGER by Ludovic De Gaillande

While murders cause bloodshed in the city of Paris, a German photographer returning from several trips abroad becomes prey of an invisible presence...

The 12 international films selected by Véronique Davidson and Xavier Colon:


BORN AGAIN by Jason Tostevin - USA - European premiere

When five bumbling Satanists have their summoning ceremony go horribly right, they're left to deal with the decidedly holy shit consequences.

CAMBIO by Daniel Romero - Spain - French premiere

Victor and Ana are enjoying their holidays at an idyllic lake. After having a huge row, the girl walks away into the forest. When he decides to go and look for her, Victor finds out that a man, hidden behind the trees, is watching him.

CIVIC DIGNITY by Román Santiago Pidre - Spain

Zacarías has entered the ethical cabin E-22, regulated by the Ministry of Civic Dignity.

CURVE by Tim Egan - Australia

A girl wakes to find she resting at the apex of a smooth, curved surface high above a pitch-black abyss. With no toe hold or crevasse she must rely on the friction of her palms to climb the Curve and cover the few feet back to safety without falling to her death...

IMEDIUM by Alfonso García - Spain - French premiere

Luz has lost all hope of finding his missing daughter alive. She decides to subscribe to i-Medium, an app that connects you directly with dead people.

IM PERFEKT by Zsuzsanna Koszti - Hungary - French premiere

In 2046 a young woman dates a handsome guy who has some weird plans with their hands.

JULIETTE by Lora D'Addazio - Belgium - French premiere

Juliette is a young shy girl who unfortunately has to take a lift with two super horny girls. Those girls are so provocative and they don’t pay any attention to the road ! Poor Juliette, she is afraid, she has a really bad feeling about what’s gonna happen.

NIBBLE by Jason Buff - Mexico - European premiere

A young woman is awoken in the middle of the night and finds strange bite marks on her leg.

RED SKIES by Bret Miller - USA - French premiere

A man tries to pack away his belongings before a storm hits his urban home. As the eye of the storm ascends upon him, the man discovers that something other-worldly is among the cardboard boxes.

THE BENCH by Robert & Russell - USA - European premiere

On an ordinary day, a stranger sits next to another man on a park bench. The stranger engages the reluctant man in conversation. But the meeting may not be so accidental, as the stranger explains aliens are infiltrating the human race.

THE CALL OF CHARLIE by Nick Spooner - USA - French premiere

A trendy Los Angeles couple sets up a blind date for two of their friends, one of whom is an ancient evil deity vibrating with pure malice. Unfortunately, on the evening of the rendezvous, two interlopers unexpectedly arrive at dinner to make the situation all the more awkward.

THE SUNKEN CONVENT by Michael Panduro - Denmark - French premiere

A man leads a strange routine: work, eat, practice of surgery on his own body then roll to the wood ... A surreal tale loosely based on Andersen.