PIFFF 6th edition: 10 movies unveiled for your your greatest pleasure!

Posted on 24/10/16

Just a few weeks from the opening of the 2016 PIFFF, which will take place at the Max Linder movie theatre on december 6th, the long awaited programme reveals some of its magic.

Let's peep into the linup: The Greasy Strangler, a big bad thriller by Jim Hosking ; I Am Not a Serial Killer, a suffocating suburban story filmed by Billy O'Brien ; 31, Rob Zombie's latest rock'n'gore ride ; Raw (Grave), an incredible and cannibalistic teenager portrait by Julia Ducournau ; The Autopsy of Jane Doe, THE new horrific sensation by André Ovredal ; Realive, a moving science fiction reflexion about cryogenisation shared by Mateo Gil ; The Mermaid, a crazy navy story orchestrated by the king of HK comedy, Stephen Chow ; Keeper of Darkness, or when darkness dialogues with film maker/actor Nick Cheung ; The Priests, a Korean « possession story » made by Jang Jae-hyun ; and last but not least, Prevenge by Alice Lowe, in which a pregnant woman's belly is a possible dangerous weapon.

Stay tuned, more names and surprises will soon be revealed!

The Greasy Strangler

USA, 2016, 93min

Director - Jim Hosking

I Am Not a Serial Killer

Ireland / UK, 2016, 104min

Director - Billy O’Brien


USA, 2016, 102min

Director - Rob Zombie

Raw (Grave)

France / Belgium, 2016, 98min

Director - Julia Ducournau

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

UK, 2016, 99min, French premiere

Director - André Ovredal


France / Spain, 2016, 107min

Director - Mateo Gil

The Mermaid

China, 2016, 94min

Director - Stephen Chow

Keeper of Darkness

Hong Kong, 2015, 105min, French premiere 

Director - Nick Cheung

The Priests

South Korea, 2015, 108min, French premiere 

Director - Jang Jae-hyun


UK, 2016, 88min

Director - Alice Lowe