Darkman Darkman Darkman
Darkman Darkman
Almost burnt to death by gangsters hired by a corrupt real estate developer, a brilliant geneticist seeks revenge.

In 1989, Sam Raimi decides to part from gore cinema and starts exploring new artistic horizons. He signs with Universal for a super hero movie for which he and his brother have written the script and invented the original mythology. In tribute to the great tormented characters of the history of comic- books and to the expressionnist monster movies, Darkman is a beautiful peculiarity, an experimental studio movie which has influenced super hero productions ever since.

Country of production: USA | Year of production: 1990
Directing by: Sam Raimi
Writing: Sam Raimi, Chuck Pfarrer | Cinematography: Bill Pope
Music: Danny Elfman | Produced by: Rob Tapert
Cast: Liam Neeson, Frances McDormand, Larry Drake
Distributor: Universal
Duration Aspect ratio Screening Language Subtitles Audience
96 1.85 English French