Here Comes the Devil

Ahí Va El Diablo

Here Comes the Devil Here Comes the Devil Here Comes the Devil
Here Comes the Devil
A family in times of crisis goes on a trip to the mountains, close to Tijuana. In no time, anxiety and fear settle in as the two children suddenly go missing. They reappear the next day, transformed...

Noticed in 2010 with Cold Sweat (Sudor frio), Adrián García Bogliano is a young director (of already 17 films) who has always had a taste for the bizarre and the fantastic. With Here Comes The Devil, he revives with the tradition of a metaphysical horror cinema close to the experimentations of Alejandro Jodorowsky (Santa Sangre) or Richard Stanley (Dust Devil), and takes us on a trip of violence and lust.

Country of production : Mexico Year of production : 2012
Directing by : Adrián García Bogliano
Writing : Adrián García Bogliano | Cinematography : Ernesto Herrera
Music : Julio Pillado | Produced by : Greg Newman
Cast : Francisco Barreiro, Laura Caro, Alan Martinez
International sales : MPI Media Group
Duration Aspect ratio Screening Language Subtitles Audience
97 min 2.35 Spanish French